Sikkim situated in the north east part of India, has wonderful mountainous terrains, is relatively unexplored by tourists and is not that easily accessible  but if you visit it once you might be astonished with this place’s beauty. Here, places like Lachen, Lachung and Gurudongmar lake in the northern territory of the state are a great and perfect alternative to Leh Ladakh, although there’s a part of Sikkim which people generally overlook or just don’t know about. Here are the following places to visit in Sikkim which might make you want to pack your bags.

Once a Capital of Sikkim
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Rabdantse Ruins

Once a capital kingdom of Sikkim is now just reduced to ruins because of the continuous attacks and wars with the neighbouring kingdoms. Well, I don’t know much of its history but what I do know is that this place provides an amazing vantage point to sight the snow-clad Mt. Kanchenjunga. From the entrance there’s a walking trail of about 30 mins or more, which will lead you straight to the ruins.

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Pemayengtse Monastery

A close distance from Rabdantse ruins you’ll find this monastery. This place has so much of tranquillity and serenity to offer. Also, with faint music (spiritual) playing inside the monastery all you are going to receive here is positive vibes. Not to mention, from a particular point, again you might be able to spot Mt Kanchenjunga.

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Khecheopalri Lake

Considered the most holiest lake in the region or probably the whole state. A place where you can ask for something and your wish will be granted as have I been told. True or not this place is a must visit, especially if you’re looking for some more peace. Again, a short hike of probably 20 mins or more from the ticket counter.

Singshore Bridge

This place certainly tops my list of favourites. This is the coldest region of the whole West Sikkim and very close to the Nepal border about 7 kms. I visited this place at the end of November and the temperature here dropping around 7 degrees and with the wind blowing giving you the feels of 5 degrees whereas the temperature in the rest of the west Sikkim are somewhat warmer. And when you are here standing on this bridge you’ll see the steep and very narrow waterfall on one side of it and the beautiful view of the valleys on the other. Its considered Asia’s second highest suspension bridge. And I only recommend not to miss this one.


Its a big statue of Chenrezing with a high sky walk built out of glass. Honestly, I missed this place as it wasn’t built yet when I had visited Sikkim. But since its completed now you might want to go and check this place out.


Well, I stayed at a Club Mahindra resort Baiguney, when in Sikkim. Why this is on the list of points of attractions you ask? Because it is one with the rooms and its balconies facing the beautiful hills, which are actually a lot closer than one might think. And also, a very short hike down the resort to the banks of the river. Really not sure which river that would be but nevertheless, a great place to relax.

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Now, you could either club your entire trip of west Sikkim with Gangtok or you could combine it with Darjeeling just like I did. The major sites in Darjeeling are the zoo, toy train ride, Batasia loop and sunrise at the tiger hills. Zoo is closed on Thursdays, so plan your trip accordingly. While to see the sunrise, you should go as early as possible to save yourself a perfect seat (in my case it was 2 hours prior to it), since this place is fully packed even at this hour. The wait could be difficult due to temperatures around 2 – 3 degrees Celsius but when gradually dawn breaks and Mt. Kanchenjunga begins to shine in hues of reddish/ golden then you know it, this is worth the wait.           


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