The Sahyadri ranges in western part of India extends from Gujarat to Kerala and is a home to many hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Munnar and many others. They all excel in natural beauty particularly during the monsoons but Ooty sets a higher standard among these. Ooty, situated at an average height of about 7,500 feet, has temperatures ideal for any nature lover to visit it throughout the year. From tea plantations to lush forest, from wildlife to waterfalls this place has become one of the top tourist destinations for its enriching atmosphere. As people rightly call it, Queen of hill stations, why wouldn’t one want to visit it?

Pykara Lake

Pykara Lake

What sets apart Pykara lake from the other lakes is that its shores are surrounded by tall pine trees. Also, it is a pretty huge lake with clear waters and a great destination for taking photographs. If that’s not enough then you can opt for motor boats or the speed boats. The timings are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Pykara Falls

Pykara falls

These falls are simply elegant but unlike the Malalli falls in Coorg which is steep, it is more of a stream nevertheless the flow is quite strong. According to me this is the finest place Ooty has to offer. It is situated at a short distance from Pykara lake.

At highest peak of Ooty


A trip to Nilgiris highest peak Doddabeta, at a height of about 8,500 feet, definitely provides you with a spectacular view of the surroundings. This place can be misty sometimes, adding to its natural beauty.      

How tall are these pine trees?

Pine trees forest

Take a view of the forest and you might realise how wonderful this place is. With trees as old as 100 years and majority of them growing as high as 15 to 45 metres, enlivens the whole atmosphere. This place has been a popular place for tourist or travellers. Going downhill you will find a reservoir where you can take great pictures as well.

A Horse at shooting point
This horse is named as Rocket but is he that fast? 😛

Shooting point

Another notable place which has caught the attention of tourists is the shooting point. Basically it is a vast green field, a picturesque landscape. And, as the name suggests this place has been a popular spot for movie makers and why not? Once you visit this place yourself, you will find a great view of the hills. Also, you will find many horses to ride here.    

A view of tea plantations
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Tea plantations and factory

See how tea leaves are grown, selected and then processed, as it goes through a number of different machines and finally takes the form as it reaches our homes. There are a lot of different and unique flavours of tea that you can try here.            

Botanical Gardens
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Botanical garden

Spread across a very large area, this botanical garden is a home to many plant species. Added to its quality is how this garden is being maintained. Take a tour of the garden and learn scientific names or find a quite corner to let this garden’s aura fill you. A must visit.   

Some more sights which i missed

1) Bandipur National Park. ( )

2) Muddumulai National Park.

3) Avalanche lake.

4) Emerald lake.  

 5) A Day trip to Coonoor.


1)The nearest airport is Coimbatore International airport which is around 90 km away and usually takes about 3 hours or a 6 to 7 hours bus ride from Bangalore.

2) Ooty is quite popularly known for different flavours of tea, eucalyptus oil and chocolates.


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