Hi there! Are you interested to start your very own travel blog? If the answer is yes, then hang on this blog is meant for you.

Basics for creating a blog:

When you search for “how to start a travel blog” on the internet you might have encountered terms like domain name and hosting. But what exactly are these? Let us see it with the help of an analogy.

You live in your house and your house has an address. With the help of this address people can find you. Something pretty similar holds for website as well. That is, website lives on host and domain name is the address. Hmm… Easy enough?

But do we need to know such things? Yes. Why? We need to know these terms when we are planning to create a website. When you surf over the internet you would find that there are usually two ways of creating a website, you could choose for hosting which can be either free or paid. You would find many articles which give you the pros and cons of having a free and paid hosting. But if you are serious to create a professional website then by all means you should choose a paid one. And so, the rest of this blog is mainly directed in showing you on how to start a paid website. However, I have tried to give a glimpse of the other approach if you do not want to start with a paid one directly.       


Before we show you how to start a blog, note that you would require the following things.

1.) An email id.

2.) Wallet with some money. (If you cannot spend money right now, then you could jump to the last section where we have briefly discussed on how to start a website for free)

3.) Some time. (1 to 2 hours)

That’s it. We are now good to go.

Selecting a name for your Website:

The very first thing you need to do is login to any website like godaddy, namecheap etc. that is any website that allows you to search for domain names. We have shown an example for namecheap.com

Once you do it search for any relevant domain name that you like. My suggestion is to keep it simple and easily understandable for anyone accessing your website. For example, Travellingworld.com or yournametravel.com gives an impression of a travel website but, if you choose something like mytraveltoAsia.com gives an impression that your website is about personal experiences to Asia specifically.

As you can see it in the image above that the domain name iamjustawanderer is available for us. That’s it we have chosen our domain name as an example for this blog.

Choosing your hosting platform:

There are many good hosting platforms out there like bluehost, godaddy, siteground, hostgator and so on. But from my experience I would recommend you to go with siteground. If you are not sure whether you should choose your host as I am suggesting you then you can always try some other platform and if you find it unsatisfactory then, you can migrate your hosting account from one to another.

Signing up on hosting account:

From now my guide is a little more specific. That is how to sign up on siteground. But don’t worry if don’t want to commit to any particular hosting platform, the procedure for signing up is pretty straight forward and pretty much universal I feel.

Login in to siteground and click on webhosting.

Once you do it you will be asked for what kind of hosting package do you need. Since ours is a start up, select start up. Note that you can always change your plan anytime as your website grows bigger.

Next step is to type in the domain name that we selected before.

Next you will be asked to give in the details like your email id, address etc.

Fill in these details carefully. Once you are done with filling up personal details you will be asked to give details of hosting services. First verify your plan is showing up correctly, then in data center choose that place which is closest to your location and lastly choose the duration for which you want pay the price. (Note that there is no one time fee, every year you would have to be renew your hosting service just like house rent)

The last two check boxes shown below, can be kept empty if it feels that it would add on to your budget.

Then you would have to agree to the terms and conditions and there you go you have successfully created your hosting account.

Setting Up your website

This is not it, there’s one more thing to do and that is to install wordpress. You ask what is wordpress? WordPress is a Content Management System, CMS for short. It helps people with little to no experience of programming, to create functional and professional looking websites.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to install wordpress. You can take help of siteground team.

Once wordpress is installed you need to login into your wordpress account. It can be simply done by typing iamjustawanderer.com/wp-admin/ (Remember iamjustawanderer is the domain name chosen for this blog!). And once you do this your page should look something like this.

Once wordpress is installed you need to choose a theme, which you can simply do by going to appearance section and then choose a theme of your choice. After installing a theme of your choice, you need to check out is plugins. What are plugins you ask? Plugin is something that increases the usability or functionality of your website. For example, suppose you want to insert a good responsive instagram feed on your webpage but the problem is there is no simple way to do it. That’s where plugins help. All you would need to do is install a plugin which will do the job for you.

Now you are equipped with knowledge to start a travel blog of your own.

But there’s one thing I did not tell you and that is about SEO. Your website has to be SEO compatible for people to find it on the internet. But that lesson is for some later time.


Since you will be starting from scratch with no experience of wordpress, I think there is one website that I must mention and that is wpbegginer.com. It covers all wordpress related doubts like how to create page, post or best plugins to install or SEO optimization techniques in great detail.

As promised, those who do not want to go for the paid hosting service then they can choose for free hosting and here’s how you can do it.

Login in to wordpress.com and click on start your website. You will be taken to the following page.

Give your details and sign up for free.

Type in the domain name that you like. And out of many options you would be given an option for free. Click on free. (Note that the domain name is not exactly you wanted it comes with wordpress.com in the end)

Lastly you would be asked for plans. Since we have want to start with a free trial click on start with a free site.

That’s it. You have signed up on wordpress. Now you can start writing blogs.

I think is sufficient for first timers on “how to start a travel blog. If you any comments or suggestions feel free to write below.

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