Coorg is popularly known as Scotland of India. Honestly, I have never been to Scotland and neither have I seen many pictures on the internet so I can’t really compare the two of them. What I can say is that by far, Coorg (in Monsoon) is the greenest place I have ever seen. If you like the silence of the lush green forest, the magical sounds of the waterfalls and are a nature lover like me, then this is really your paradise. Even bird watchers are going to love this place given the many species of birds that can be spotted here including but not limited the Great Malabar Hornbill. One can easily spend a week here as there are lot of things to see and do.

Malllali Falls in monsoon

 The Magnificent Mallali Falls

This huge waterfall is steep but very magnificently beautiful (as beautiful as a landscape from Hollywood movie) is at its best (July-Sept) and you can hear it roar and deafen your ears. (Ok! Slightly “exaggerating” but you get the point) Now to get to the best vantage point you have to climb down around 600 steps and up again later. I know this sounds like a lot of climbing but when you finally witness what mother nature has to offer its all totally worth it. Just try not to get too close. If you, like me are travelling on a budget in off-season, then chances are, you might have this place all to yourself. The best way to reach here is private car or taxi.

Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp

This camp is going to give you an amazing & memorable experience. Visit this camp to meet these gentle giants in almost natural environment. You’ll also get a chance to feed them and bathe them if you want but let me just warn you, it’ll be you who’ll end up getting drenched and wet. Best visited during the morning: 9 – 11, 11:30. 

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls

For this one too, one will have to take a little hike down. This place can be a little touristy since its close to Madikeri town but who says you can’t enjoy such a place with fellow tourists? (If you are a solo traveller like me, chances are you might find yourself a perfect travelling companion(s) or more). This Amazing Cascade just comes alive in the rainy season.

Deer Park

Nisargdhama Deer Park.

A small park to hike and spend your time at. The deers here are not shy or of timid nature and are somewhat used to people. They are pretty much enclosed but you can still try feeding them cucumbers if you have any or grass. They’ll happily approach you.

Golden Temple
Courtesy of Shutterstock

Madikeri Golden Temple.

If you are in Coorg, then it’s a must that you see the Golden Temple or the Tibetan Monastery. Beautiful architecture and the Statues are even more Spectacular. This place, as soothing as it is to the eyes, is even more so to the mind. All you will find here is positive vibes and so much of tranquillity that the words alone cannot describe it. You have to experience yourself.

Sunset at Raja's Seat
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Raja’s Seat

A great place in Madikeri town itself to spend your evening and watch the sunset. During the monsoon you will see heavy fog and mist which also is a great experience.  

What did I Miss?

If only I knew about these places beforehand then I might have planned the length of my stay accordingly, however you still have these options to choose.

1)Irrupu Falls and Nagarhole National Park (the latter closed during June-Sept)

2)Trek to Tadiyandamol

3)Jeep Safari to Madalpatti

4)Chelavara Waterfalls

Where to Book Accommodation?

There are high end luxury resorts to budget homestays and hostels for backpackers which you can find on

Where to Book Tours?

You can take the help of or Klook app to cover the points of interest. It saves a lot of hassle of transportation.

Mangalore to Madikeri
View as seen on route of Mangalore to Madikeri

How to Reach?

I flew to Mangalore International Airport and took a cab straight to Madikeri . It was a 3-4 hours’ of scenic drive on which I saw a lot of rubber plantations and was lucky enough to spot few waterfalls (small ones) along the way. And the other alternative is to fly to Kannur and again 3 hours’ drive to Coorg. But this route is more beautiful compared to Mangalore-Coorg route or so have I been told. Also, Mysore is at pretty short distance from Coorg.

Coorg along with Ooty are year-round destinations with temperature mild in the summers and cooler in the winters. If Coorg is on your list and if you’re waiting for the perfect time to visit Coorg then you really shouldn’t and just go ahead and book your trip.


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