Great climate during the night, astonishing landscape and a perfect alternative for people who just wish to the see the normal sand desert. Even though this whole place can be covered in 4 days’ time, it should not skip one’s bucket list. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen. And if that doesn’t alone convince you to visit Rann of Kutch then the reasons listed below might.

The Golden Hour

Miles and miles of nothingness. Just nothing but salt. Stretching out, going as far as it could go. The landscape is surreal and its beauty only multiplies during the glorious sunset and sunrise. Stand there, take it all in, watch the sun as it slowly begins to set or rise, try clicking those silhouettes, maybe talk to other travellers and share some stories while here. These golden hours will be a memorable one.


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Watch the Flamingos

Mandvi beach is just a couple of hours away from the desert and the tent city. If you’re lucky which I was, you will be able to spot hundreds of flamingos, maybe a thousand and if you do then just watch them from a distance. Try not to get to close, which I did and apparently shooed them all away. (Photographers shouldn’t forget their long zoom lenses for a great capture). You could have a great time at the beach. There are a lot of windmills to spot and probably even a lighthouse.

*Sorry for the blurry photo. Its the best i have.

Fire Show’s

People dressed as indigenous tribal people and dancing their traditional tribal dance and as their dance progresses, they start playing with fire. Here, you’re in for a good show. These shows run everyday in the tent city. And near by you’ll find a tent for people who wish to star gaze and watch the moon and planets from a big telescope.

Edge of the world

Kala Dungar

Kala dungar is literally translated as the black mountain. Not very far from here is the India – Pakistan border. It’s a great viewing point with the mountains in sight and lake seen at a far distance. Perfect place to spend your evening. And moreover, you could also try Camel riding here.

Riding a Camel

Sit on a camel as he gets up at an angle and ride that bumpy ride gazing the horizon and admire the vastness of the desert. The deserts are a home to camel and your experience of Rann of Kutch will always be incomplete without a camel ride. Too scared to try? Well, you could opt for riding a camel cart. They are lot more fun actually if the camel decides to sprint.

3000 feet in the air


If these reasons were not adequate then how about trying your hand at paramotoring. Well, not literally, you’ll be flying with a pilot of course. Firing from the ground, running and then taking off just like an airplane. It’s the same rush you would feel. The only difference? The altitude. You’ll be flying at a height of 3000 feet, overlooking the beautiful white salt desert giving you a whole new perspective and experience of it. And the wind rapidly blowing at your face. Then, maybe take control of the lever and fly that whole thing yourself for few seconds if your pilot allows. And Not just paramotoring, there are dirt bikes to ride and the ATV’s.

Full Moon

You’ll see reflection of the moon right on the salt desert, when visited at the nightfall and during a full moon as I have been told. Given that the full moon occurs twice a month yet I had missed it. But you can plan your dates accordingly.


If you’re in rann of kutch then you might want to consider buying things, like the handicrafts, shawls and traditional clothes for which this place is known for.

*Note: There are a lot options online to book Rann of Kutchh tours, i booked mine through smart stay


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